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Payment Solutions for Business

Helping UK businesses accept card payments through innovative payment technology partners

In recent times it’s become apparent that the future of payments is digital and as the recent pandemic has shown, more and more consumers now prefer to pay by card using (where possible) contactless technology; not to mention there has been a sharp increase in online retailing here in the UK which is set to continue to rise. With the nature of our funding product whereby businesses can access working capital through their card machine, it made sense for us to also help our customers to reduce their card processing costs.

Reduce your card processing costs whilst improving cashflow

Cashflow Advance has teamed-up with the leading companies in card acceptance technology, virtual payments, e-commerce and EPOS solutions and partner with Elavon, the UK’s fastest growing card processing bank. Being a specialist financial broker, we have managed to negotiate the best terms on behalf of our clients and so are able to offer some of the lowest card processing rates in the industry, and working with us will enable you to improve cash flow as we now offer ‘Same Day & Next Day Settlement’ so you can focus on your business safe in the knowledge that your funds are deposited into your account daily.

Real-Time Data at your fingertips

With our cloud-based analytics reporting tool our clients can now view their transactions (in real-time) and reporting can be based on individual stores or company group and all through an easy to use App which can be downloaded from either the App Store or Google Play.

Become PCI Compliant and avoid non-compliance fines

Data-protection remains a top priority within the payments industry and so we have trained our (in-house) customer support team on all things ‘PCIDSS’ and now offer a comprehensive PCI support service to help our clients to understand and navigate the complexities of becoming PCI compliant, to ensure your customer’s data remains 100% safe and make certain that your business avoids unnecessary non-compliance fines.

Cashflow Advance don't just offer great rates,
we offer great support for your whole business.

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