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Start 2019 the right way

Welcome to 2019. It’s time to start the New Year right. All the procrastination, stuffing yourself, indulging to excess, staying up too late — that was for 2018, this is a New Year, it’s time to get serious! Replace those bad habits and pure laziness with more productive behaviors especially when it comes to your business.

Want to jumpstart into the New Year but unsure where to start, here are a few top times to get you on the right road!

1.Set Your Priorities

You must set your own priorities. Never let others do this for you. When you make your own choices for your Business, prioritising what’s important and what’s not, you’re in control. Think of where you want to be in a year, 2, 5. Focus on the key things you would like to add to your business and who can help you get there. This is a top recommendation for starting off the new year right.

2. Be Accountable

Remember that what you do has consequences. Every word and action you take has reverberations, many of which you may never know about. Customers look to you and expect so much. Function with integrity, owning your responsibilities as well as your faults, making good on the mistakes you’ve made. Your customers will appreciate it in the long run.

3. Improvement

Make it a point to continually improve. You have your goals and priorities mapped out now look to improve. This means doing some proactive activity on a regular basis. Whether it’s following up with customers, adding more comfortable seats for the waiting room or just getting the staff to smile more, self-improvement is integral to operating a vibrant, purposeful business that customers will respect and reuse.

4. Know Your Limitations

In your drive to improve your business, keep in mind that you must know your limitations. This doesn’t mean that you don’t push past your comfort zone. You need to do that to grow. Definitely push, but not too far. If you know that you have a small team, don’t over promise. Be open and honest. Your flaws are what will make you great but also give you a bad reputation.

5. Recognise Opportunities

Being able to identify an opportunity is the first step toward success in any business. Remember, too, that opportunities are often cloaked or hidden. They may be a side benefit to accomplishing some other task, even an everyday one. We mentioned smiling earlier, a smile goes a long way. Even the idea of following up with a customer to check they are happy can result in another opportunity. They are all around us we just have to look and have the imagination to develop them into something tangible.

6. Rely on Your Strengths

People tend to think a New Year is a magic cure to problems, this isn’t so. It’s just a New Year! There are going to be rough times ahead, periods when the only thing you’ve got going for you is your inner strength or strength of your team. This is what you call on to get you through problems. It will help you navigate complex situations, difficult challenges and obstacles.

7. Be Genuine with customers

One of the most powerful resources you have can be summed up in one word: relationships. Having a good customer base is not enough. To gain the most from your customer relationships, you need to be genuine at all times. No faking it or telling people what you think others want to hear. Stop talking and listen. A key aspect of being genuine is to be an active listener. You will find out a lot from being genuine and listening to your customers. Your customers are the ones that make you and can be the one to break you.

8. Dream Big

Every year we give up on something that you said was important? In your personal life or business. Maybe it’s time to revisit that dream or goal. Maybe, this year you can construct a list of more achievable ones, ones that can generate change.

Dare to dream big. Nothing inspires and motivates like a heartfelt goal. Involve your team and create a company wide focus. If you aim high and come in short you will still be in good company. This last part is vital. It’s not enough to dream. You must be willing to act on your intention. Great things very rarely happen by accident; through hard work and determination Dreams are built.

Happy New Year and Good luck

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