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Cashflow Advance

Simple, Flexible & Accessible Business Funding

Who are Cashflow Advance?


About the company

Cashflow Advance was setup by a team of finance experts with the primary aim of helping businesses find a fair & accessible alternative to traditional bank loans. We understand that business and cashflow can be unpredictable and so our lending options are fast, flexible, transparent, cost effective and repayments are based only as a percentage of your future credit and debit card sales. If your business experiences a slow period your repayments are automatically reduced, and when business is good you pay off your cash advance quicker. Best of all there are no hidden charges, fixed terms or APR to worry about!

An unsecured business cash advance from us can be used for any financing need including: working capital, expansion and renovation, advertising and marketing, business improvements or simply to buy more stock.


What We do

At Cashflow Advance we value our customers and are committed to funding responsibly. You can count on us to be transparent & proactive every step of the way, making sure your time is spent focusing on your business and not bending over backwards filling in endless forms, writing tedious business plans and consulting with expensive solicitors. None of this is needed with Cashflow Advance because of the simple way in which a Business Cash Advance Works.

The benefits of a Business Cash Advance for short-term funding include:

  • There is one fixed cost, agreed upfront
  • It’s unsecured, meaning that your home won’t ever be at risk
  • The application process is simple, fast and hassle-free
  • Immediate funding available between £2.5K – £200K
  • There are no hidden fees, penalties or additional costs. Ever!

Our Team

Ahmed Omar

Managing Director


Raj Tanna

Business Development Director


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