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Alternative Payment Solutions for Businesses

Payment solutions

Why Switch to Cashflow Advance?

We understand how important a reliable, fast and affordable card payment system is to you and your business. Our card payment solutions are simple to set up.

Accepting card payments has now become the norm for most businesses.  This has been fast-tracked since the start of the pandemic especially as consumers have limited their use of cash to avoid contamination.

As a result, businesses have noticed they are taken more card payments then ever before and so are seeing a sharp increase in card processing costs. Cashflow Advance is partnered with Elavon, one of the UK’s largest card-processing banks and we have negotiated the best rates for our clients.

If you are taking card payments for your business and want to see what you could save by switching, we can offer you a no-obligation review to see if we can reduce your card-processing costs, in some cases we are seeing savings of as much as 40%!

Payment Solutions

Switcher Service

Get a free review of your current charges and fees. Our switcher service allows you to upload a recent merchant statement for a no obligation quote and it only takes a minute.