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More and more small businesses are recognising the benefits of changing their electricity & gas supplier, but there are still many businesses that are stuck with suppliers they have been with for years. The problem with this is that every year, thousands of small businesses automatically go onto variable rates and according to Ofgem, the majority are paying more than is necessary due to these higher charges. Our job is to ensure you get the best rates (year after year) without any hassle and worry. We compare business electricity & gas tariffs between 30 of the UK’s leading (Ofgem regulated) suppliers and most of the time, help our customers make significant savings on their energy consumption.

The main reason so many businesses don’t spend time “comparing the market” is that energy comparison can get confusing at times – with so many suppliers, rates and tariffs out there, the time it takes to talk to and negotiate with individual suppliers, and so it’s no wonder so many business owners allow themselves to just auto renew and end up on much higher variable rates. With Cashflow Advance, you won’t be confused for long, as we compare business tariffs for you and find you the best deal available with the maximum savings!

Rather than you having to go through the hassle of phoning each supplier individually, Cashflow Advance will do all the hard work for you through our broker platform, finding you the cheapest energy prices in your region. We will present these to you in a clear and jargon free way and allow you to choose the best option, all with our expert & impartial advice. We will then begin the process of switching you out and will hand hold you through the entire process. Remember, we will deal with both your current and new supplier to ensure a smooth and effortless switch!

How does it work?

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Cashflow Advance don't just offer great business solutions, we offer great support for your whole business.